Sunday, 12 June 2016


How To Earn RESPECT!

First of all we need to understand that RESPECT is something which is not easily acquired or get, Rather it is like you have to earn it. The first and the foremost thing you should do in order to get respect is you have to RESPECT YOURSELF. Because then only you can expect somebody else to respect you…
THE THIRD THING  – SPEAK RESPECTFULLY, You must have seen people talking to each other and the same way of talking they carry everywhere  because they get use to it. You should use words like  PLEASE, THANK YOU..because that slang language will take you no where. Always remember excessive use of profanity will make people to tune you out and you will end up being a SWAGGY GUY!
now this is a thing you’ve been hearing since your childhood  since you were very little, we have been taught that whatever we do the same happens to us. Even respect is same, When you give respect to others you get respect and if you don’t then don’t expect them to respect you. Here, i don’t mean you to go and just look eye to eye and respect them no matter how they are BUT you have to respect their feelings and their thoughts because we don’t know what situation they’ve been going through or what circumstances they are facing. But if you respect their thought listen to them and advise  them at the end of the day you will find that those people will RESPECT you.Never ever in your whole entire life talk behind anybody’s back!
THE SIXTH THING –  BE A MAN OF YOUR WORDS! , if you say you will do it and you really mean it and you believe you will do it then say it. Otherwise just remain quite accept that you will not be able to do it. Because acceptance is bigger than a LIE. And being honest is what counts!
you have to give your best at everything no matter whether it’s exciting for you or not whether you like it or not. Just try it and give your best. This is a fact that if you will start doing everything that comes your way as a challenge  and don’t get bored at it soon you will find the positive changes in your lifestyle.Don’t worry that you are not good at it don’t be a mediocre at least give it a try and you will find that at least you tried you gave your hundred percent and that’s what counts !